About Us

About Us

    Our company was founded in 1977 and we are an enterprise about producing yachting ropes and equipment. We serves ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. 
    We can easily reach to sea lovers with our online shop. In addition, we increased the exportation of ropes with the investments. Also increased the quality of production with the growth of our machinery, have resulted in the development of world-class.
     Solent Ropes improves its product quality and product range in order to answer changing customer needs and expectations.   
    Our company is committed to the sport of yachting and sailing to reach a large mass of people. We maintain domestic and foreign educations regarding growth of the market to increase the quality of services.
Production Capabilities  
Solent Ropes believes a good production facility consists of not only high-tech machinery but also individuals with experience and desire...
+1,350 braiding heads with a total capacity of over 30,000,000 mt/month for 0.5 - 50 mm cords
6 continuous production lines for Heat-Stretching and Chemical Coating of Technical Cords
8 continuous production lines for polishing and waxing of textile cords
Special Finishing machines for specific applications
    Solent Ropes believes a good production facility does not only consists of high-tech machines but also from individuals with experience and desire to improve and expand their capabilities. With this understanding Solent Ropes invests on qualified human resource as well as improvement of it's machine park.